Child Support Services

Child Support Services and Parents Working Together for Children.

Our role is to work directly with families to: 

  • Establish paternity;
  • Establish and enforce child and/or medical support orders; and 
  • Monitor payment activity.

Holliday Davis

Meet Holliday Davis, a Butte County Child Support Specialist III who has been with the County almost 5 years. Holliday has a passion for helping and working with residents of her community. She previously held jobs that she enjoyed but none seemed to fulfill her desire to truly help others. Holliday came to work for Butte County in January of 2013. She says that was the first time she started a job and within the first month she knew that she had found a job she could have for the rest of her career. Her position with Butte County is her first with a public agency and she says it was a good adjustment from the private sector. She has felt supported in her career at the County from the beginning. We are glad you are working with the County, Holliday!

Get to know Holliday

Holliday Davis QuoteHolliday is a Child Support Specialist in the Department of Child Support Services. As a resident of Butte County, Holliday takes a personal interest in each family she serves. Her favorite part of the job is providing families relevant information and resources to make the situation the family is going through easier. Holliday knows the child support system is complex and she is here to figure out the best plan for each family. She stresses, Child Support employees serve the entire family and not just one parent. This is a common misconception Holliday takes time to dispel when working with families. In doing so, she is vigilant in being fair and supportive. Holliday sees that if she does her job well as a Child Support Specialist, she allows the parents more time to be parents to their children and they can spend less time worrying about finances. Sometimes workdays can be stressful for Holliday, so she likes to take time to relax in the park or at the river with her dog Aggie. They enjoy inviting friends and family to find a good swimming hole to take a dip and cool off on these hot summer days.

Holliday Davis





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