Board of Supervisors
The Board of Supervisors serves as the governing body for the County of Butte. The Board exercises the legislative, administrative, and appellate powers prescribed to it by the California State Constitution and Statutes, the Butte County Charter, and the Butte County Code.
Legislative Platform

Each year, the Board of Supervisors considers and adopts its Legislative Platform, including both state and federal matters. The County's state and federal legislative advocates have submitted proposed platforms, after consultation with County departments and the Chief Administrative Officer, for the Board's consideration. The platforms address issues such as Energy, Water, Public Infrastructure, Local Government Finances, General Government, Health and Human Services, and Public Safety.

State Legislative Platform

Federal Legislative Platform



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Board of Supervisors

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Kayla Reaster
Assistant Clerk of the Board

Phone:    530.552.3300
Fax:          530.538.7120

Clerk of the Board

25 County Center Drive,
Suite 200
Oroville, CA 95965

Andy Pickett
Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk of the Board

Kayla Reaster
Assistant Clerk of the Board