The mission of the Butte County Library is to serve the Learning, Cultural, and Community needs of the diverse populations of our County.
Code of Conduct

Butte County Library

Code of Conduct

Butte County Library takes pride in providing all individuals with free access to ideas, information, and technology. Our branches are open to everyone; however, we request all patrons adhere to our Code of Conduct while using our facilities. If patrons don’t abide by the Library Code of Conduct, we may ask them to leave and even ban them from using the library, depending on the activity. Butte County Library’s mission is to provide the best customer service to all individuals. We want our branches to be welcoming and accessible to all who use them. We encourage anyone using our facilities to notify branch staff members of any behaviors you observe that are not in line with our Code of Conduct. Our staff will swiftly assess and respond to the situation. Together, let’s make our Libraries a great resource for everyone in Butte County.

Welcome to the Butte County Library! Our patrons appreciate a clean and safe environment while enjoying the library. If all users abide by this Code of Conduct, the library will meet those expectations. Please help us provide a good library environment for everyone.

  1. Library users may not engage in any activity prohibited by law. Visitors are prohibited from interfering with library employees’ work or endangering other library users, under California Penal Code Section 602.1(b).
  2. Persons unwilling to stop unacceptable conduct will be asked to leave.
  3. We do not tolerate rude, threatening, or abusive behavior toward library users or staff.
  4. You are responsible for your children and their behavior. All children must be closely supervised to ensure their safety and a positive environment for others. (Please see the Butte County Child Safety Policy.)
  5. You are responsible for your personal belongings, so keep them near you. Unattended belongings will be removed and discarded.
  6. Clothing, including shoes and shirts, is required in the library.
  7. Our public computers are very popular. Please observe the Library Internet Policy, which is posted near the Internet computers.
  8. Food and drink can ruin our computers, carpets, and materials. Please do not eat in the public areas. Drinks are allowed only if covered.
  9. Only service animals (dogs only, per current Federal ADA law) specifically trained to aid persons with disabilities are welcome inside the library. Under Federal ADA policy, animals whose function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify.
  10. On library grounds, dogs must be under human control on a leash at all times.
  11. Bicycles and similar items must be left outdoors.
  12. No printed matter can be posted or given out inside the library without staff permission.
  13. Please see our Meeting Room policy for specific information on use of the meeting rooms.
  14. Blocking access to emergency exits, walkways or the book drop is prohibited.
  15. Causing damage to public property is prohibited.
  16. Smoking and tobacco use is prohibited.
  17. Use or possession of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
  18. Use of the restrooms for bathing or washing clothes is prohibited.
  19. Loitering outside of business hours is prohibited.

Violation of these rules may result in expulsion from the library and may be cause for being banned from the library.



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