Our staff is committed to the fair and equitable assessment of all property in Butte County. We strive to provide prompt, personal, and professional attention to all whom we serve. 
Our mission is to create equitable, timely and accurate property tax assessments to fund public services. We strive to be a source of accurate and timely property information for local government and the community.

Diane Brown, Assessor

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public facing operations have been adjusted. Our lobbies in Chico and Oroville are open to the public with restrictions; Physical distancing, limited occupancy and Mask not required if vaccinated. Alternative methods to obtain information or services, please use the links provided below:

For general questions regarding values or ownership information, please dial 530-552-3800 or submit your questions to

For questions regarding Business Property Statements, boat or aircraft statements or general information regarding the Unsecured Roll, please dial 530-552-3810 or submit your inquiries to

For questions regarding property tax exemptions, such as the Homeowners’, Disabled Veterans’ or Welfare Exemptions, please dial 530-552-3758 or submit your questions to

To change your mailing address, dial 530-552-3805 or send an email with your new address to

If you have questions regarding the payment of property taxes, options for paying property taxes or any questions relating to the payment of property taxes, contact the Tax Collector at 530-552-3720 or send an email to


Revenue and Taxation Code section 170 provides that if a calamity such as fire, earthquake, or flooding damages or destroys your property, you may be eligible for property tax relief.  In such cases, the county assessor will reappraise the property to reflect its damaged condition. In addition, when it is rebuilt in a like or similar manner, the property will retain its prior value (Proposition 13) for tax purposes.

To qualify for property tax relief, you must file a claim with the Butte County Assessor within 12 months from the date of damage or destruction, whichever is later. The loss estimate must be at least $10,000 of current market value to qualify the property for this relief. The property will be reassessed according to its damaged state and property taxes will be adjusted accordingly.

This property tax relief is available to owners of real property, business equipment and fixtures, orchards or other agricultural groves, and to owners of aircraft, boats, and certain manufactured homes – it is not available to property that is not assessable, such as state licensed manufactured homes or household furnishings.

Additionally, pursuant to Section 194.1 of the Revenue and Taxation Code, certain owners who file for calamity relief may also be eligible to apply to defer payment of the current installment of regular secured property taxes due. Please note that this section does not apply to property taxes paid through impound accounts. 

If your property was affected by the Camp Fire, please use the links below. 

CAMP FIRE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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Additional information on Disaster Relief for property taxes on damaged or destroyed property is also available by visiting Board of Equalization Disaster Relief Information

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The Role of the Assessor

As mandated by the California State Constitution, the Assessor: 

  • Locates and identifies all taxable property in the county.
  • Establishes taxable value for all property subject to property taxation.
  • Completes the assessment roll showing the assessed values of all properties.
  • Applies all legal exemptions. 

The Assessor's staff keeps track of ownership changes, maintains maps of parcel boundaries, updates property descriptions and physical characteristics. We maintain files of individuals and properties eligible for exemptions and other tax relief. We also analyze trends in sale prices, construction costs and rents, in order to estimate the fair value of assessable property. 

To establish the fair market value of any property, the Assessor needs to know the physical characteristics of the property, possibly its purchase price, the selling price of similar properties, the replacement cost, operating and repair costs of similar properties, income the property may generate, and other relevant facts affecting the property's value. 

The Assessor does not: establish tax rates, calculate tax amounts or collect taxes.


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 Contact Assessor

Butte County Assessor
Phone: 530.552.3800
Fax: 530.538.7991

 Location and Hours

25 County Center Drive,
Suite 100
Oroville, CA 95965

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
9:00am to 5:00pm
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Chico Branch
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Office Hours:
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 Dates & Deadlines

January 1st - Lien Date.
February 15th - Deadline to file exemption claims. 
April 1st - Due date for business and agricultural property statements.
April 10th - Last Day to pay second installment of secured property taxes.
July 2nd - November 30th - Period for filing application for assessment appeal.
August 31st - Last Day to pay unsecured taxes.
December 10th - Last day to pay first installment of secured property taxes. 

All deadlines (appeals, exemptions, bill due dates) that fall on a weekend extend to the next workday.

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