Agricultural Commissioner
Protect and perpetuate Agriculture, the #1 industry in Butte County, by ensuring a safe and healthy agriculture product. Promote and provide confidence of buyers and sellers by ensuring fairness in local, national and international trade. Protect and promote the well being of all our customers and our community through the fair, equitable application of agricultural and weights and measures standards, emphasizing education and cooperation, including the use of technology to enhance customer service.

An Operator ID gives an individual a permit to purchase non-restricted materials through a commercial Pest Control Dealer. This permit is valid until December 31st on a three year rotation based on the first letter of the permitee's last name.

Restricted Materials Permit: The applicator must acquire a Private Applicator Certificate (PAC) to apply restricted materials to any property. In order to do so they must pass a multiple choice test. (Study guides, publication # 3383 are available through the U.C. Cooperative Extension, located in Oroville.) Once the PAC is obtained a Restricted Materials permit may be issued. It would include the Site ID of the property and the appropriate restricted materials. This permit would allow the applicator to buy restricted materials from any licensed Pest Control Dealer and is valid until December 31st on a three year rotation based on the first letter of the permitee's last name. To renew the permit the applicator must re-take the the test or obtain six hours of continuing education hours.

Employers with Employees: Training guides are available at any of our offices. The packet includes a Hazard Communication training program, definitions of related words, a checklist of records and forms required for all growers, growers with field workers, and growers with employees who handle pesticides. Also included is an optional form for pesticide safety training for field workers and an application record sheet. Training may be conducted by any person holding a current Private Applicator Card, Qualified Applicator License, Qualified Applicator Card or other qualified persons.

Notice of Intent (NOI): A 24 hour NOI must be filed to the Oroville office prior to the application of all restricted materials. (Some materials may require a longer notice of intent.)

NOI Contact Information

Telephone: Oroville Office: (530) 538-2116, 24 hours/ 7 days/week

In Person: Drop boxes in Chico & Gridley; Oroville 7:30-12 & 1-4:30, M-F

Fax: Oroville Office: (530) 538-7594

If you contact the office before 10:00am you may begin the application any time the following day. If you call after 10:00am you must wait 24 hours to apply.

A Re-Notice is required if the application does NOT begin within 4 days following the intended application date. No pre-application waiting period is required following a RE-Notice.

NOI Form (Attached)

Online Access: You may request an online username and password for the use of CalAgPermits ( by phone, in person or by emailing . This system was designed to grant online access to agricultural permits and enable submissions of notice of intents and pesticide use reports.

Non-webusers may access instructional videos and handouts through Napa County CAC

2014 Butte County Rice Conditions


Propanil, Propanil NOI & 1 Mile Wind Speed Monitoring Sheet, 1/2 Mile Wind Speed Monitoring Logsheet
Regiment, 1/2 Mile Wind Speed Monitoring Logsheet, 2 Mile Wind Speed Monitoring Logsheet
Bolero/Abolish (Thiobencarb), Methyl Parathion and Malathion, Rice NOA
Rice Emergency Controlled Release Form
Butte County Air Quality Management District Agreement

Please contact our office for more County specific information.

Pesticide Use Reports

These reports correspond with the Notice of Intents. These forms account for the amount of chemicals used within a 30 day period. They should be filed by the grower or applicator by the 10th day of the following month of application. Pesticide Control Operators (PCO) have 7 days after the application date to file the report.

Butte-Yuba-Sutter Water Quality Coalition

Butte-Yuba-Sutter Water Quality Coalition - Summer 2014 Newsletter

Right to Farm

Butte County Code - Chapter 35 - Protection of Agricultural Land

General Real Estate Ag Declaration
Art 1.5-Civil Code Buyer-Ag Declaration
Current Owner Ag Declaration
Development Ag Declaration
CA Notary Statement

Structural Pest Control Business

The Agricultural Commissioner is also charged with monitoring and inspecting the pesticide use activities of companies and agencies that perform chemical pest control operations in and around homes, buildings, parks, and rights-of-way. This involves spot inspections, headquarter audits, and ensuring that these businesses are properly licensed and registered to work in Butte County. These county enforcement actions, in collaboration with the California Structural Pest Control Board and the Department of Pesticide Regulation, help to protect people and the environment to assure safe pesticide applications in urban areas. 

Other available packets

  • Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Business License Packet
  • Pest Control Business License Packet
  • Pest Control Dealer Designated Agent License Packet
  • Pesticide Broker License Packet 

Department of Pesticide Regulations License webpage


Main Office
Phone: 530.538.7381
Fax: 530.538.7594

Chico District Office
Phone: 530.891.2754
Fax: 530.879.3393

Gridley District Office
Phone: 530.846.4557
Fax: 530.846.5271

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Main Office:
316 Nelson Avenue
Oroville, CA 95965
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday

District Offices:
196 Memorial Way
Chico, CA 95926
Monday to Friday
10:00am - 12:00pm

239 Sycamore Street
Gridley, CA 95948
Monday to Friday
2:00pm - 4:00pm

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Agricultural Resources
Amended Nut Crop Theft Ordinance
2013 Walnut Buying Period Announced
CDFA's Enforcement Branch
Cal Ag Permits - Contact our office for login information.
Napa County Ag Commissioner - Instructional videos and handouts are available through Napa County's website.
Agricultural Commissioner

316 Nelson Avenue
Oroville, CA 95965

Richard Price
Agricultural Commissioner

Butte County Extension (Farm Advisor)
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