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Butte County is a place of natural beauty with countless opportunities for recreation in both rural and urban environments. Many Butte County residents live in one of the five incorporated towns or cities: Biggs, Chico, Gridley, Oroville or Paradise. Butte County government provides services to residents through 23 diverse departments. Services include elections, road maintenance, public safety, solid waste disposal, and health and human services to name a few.

News and Announcements

Butte County Signs Proclamation of Local Emergency Caused by Drought

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 22, 2015 – 11:30 a.m.

Contact: Casey Hatcher (530) 538-6182
@County of Butte | Facebook.com/ButteCounty
#SaveOurWater, #ButteSavesWater

Oroville, CA – A Local Emergency caused by drought conditions has been proclaimed for Butte County. The proclamation was executed by the County Chief Administrative Officer, Paul Hahn and the Board of Supervisors will consider an item during the Board Meeting on July 28, 2015 to ratify the proclamation. The County executed the proclamation in response to increased reports of residential wells going dry because of drought conditions.

Proclaiming a Local Emergency due to the drought allows the County to access more resources to better assist residents with dry wells. The full level of assistance for residential well owners whose wells have gone dry still remains to be determined. For now, the County is focused on helping residential well owners whose wells are dry or not producing adequate water get access to water.

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PowerButte: Solar Overlay Zone Public Workshops

PowerButte: Solar Overlay Zone Public Workshops
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 29, 2015 – 11:55 a.m.
Contact: Dan Breedon, 530.538.7629
@County of Butte | Facebook.com/ButteCounty

Oroville, CA –The Butte County Department of Development Services announces two upcoming public workshops for the PowerButte Solar Overlay Zone program. PowerButte is a Butte County initiative meant to encourage renewable energy and to support the County’s General Plan and Climate Action Plan. The purpose of the public workshops are to initiate a community discussion about the future of large scale solar energy development in the unincorporated area of Butte County, and to introduce the PowerButte Solar Energy Overlay Zone program. Large scale solar energy facilities are defined as facilities ranging in size from ten to potentially several hundred acres. The public workshops will help to engage, educate, and learn from the public about the context for, and tradeoffs with, the promotion of large scale solar energy in Butte County. Butte County staff and consultants will help facilitate this community discussion. Two workshops are scheduled in Oroville and Chico as follows:

June 10, 2015, 5:30 PM
Southside Community Center
2959 Lower Wyandotte Road

June 11, 2015, 5:30 PM
Lakeside Pavilion
2565 California Park Drive

The public is invited to attend either of these public workshops to learn more about the PowerButte: Solar Overlay Zone program. The PowerButte: Solar Overlay Zone program will:

  • Identify, through a land use zone, optimum sites for large scale solar energy facilities
  • Simplify permitting processes for large scale solar energy facilities
  • Protect valuable farmland, sensitive habitats, and natural resources
  • Encourage large scale solar energy facilities, critical components of a diversified and flexible modern energy system
  • Improve the environment and Butte County’s quality of life
  • Help the County and State meet ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets and green energy production goals
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Foothill Boulevard Construction to Replace Bridge across Wyman Ravine Begins Monday, May 18th

Road Traffic Control Advisory
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 12, 2015 – 2:00 p.m.
Contact: Terry Edwards, 530.538.7681
@County of Butte | Facebook.com/ButteCounty

Oroville, CA – Beginning Monday, May 18, 2015, construction will begin to replace the bridge on Foothill Boulevard across Wyman Ravine southeast of Oroville between Fairhill Drive and Mt. Ida Road. Construction activity will include bridge reconstruction, roadway widening, and roadway reconstruction. The project will take place through October 2015, but one-lane traffic control is only estimated to impact traffic through the area until the end of August. 

Traffic Control 

The first phase of construction will require Foothill Boulevard to be reduced to a single lane in the construction area with a temporary signal system, which is estimated to last through July. The second phase will reopen the roadway to two lane traffic and is estimated to begin early August 2015. Speed limits through the project will be reduced to 10 MPH within the immediate vicinity of the bridge construction and 25MPH within the remaining project limits. 

Resident Access

Residents’ driveways will be accessible at all times during construction. Sidewalk along Foothill Boulevard will be reconstructed near the bridge and will be closed while reconstruction is taking place. Residents are asked to please respect these restrictions during construction to assist in a safe construction site for the public and our employees. 

Butte County Public Works and the project contractor, Franklin Construction both want to make the construction process as safe and easy for residents and travelers as possible. Members of the public who have questions about the construction project may contact Butte County Public Works at 530.538.7681. Residents who have specific concerns about property in the construction area may contact Franklin Construction’s Chico office at 530.343.9600 or the project superintendent Brandon Duntsch directly at 530.774.7519.

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Butte County Agencies Hold Emergency Response Exercise

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 9, 2015, 11:00 a.m.
Contact: John Gulserian, 530.538.7373
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Oroville, CA - A functional exercise simulating a hazardous material incident in Butte County will be held March 11, 2015. The exercise, sponsored by the Butte County Office of Emergency Management, the City of Chico and the Butte County Training Officers Association, provides participants with an opportunity to assess capabilities, plans, policies, and procedures. The exercise will focus on decision making, coordination, and integration with multiple organizations during a multi-agency response. 

“Exercises are a good way to bring together the agencies and people who would normally respond to an emergency in Butte County,” said John Gulserian, Butte County Emergency Services Officer. “Participants get to practice in a low-stress environment so they can focus on emergency response processes and build their skills. 

The functional exercise will include participants from: the City of Chico, the County of Butte, CALFIRE / Butte County Fire, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Butte County 2-1-1, Union Pacific Railroad and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

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Reporting Well Problems Due to the Drought

News Release
Contact: Dr. Christina Buck 538-4343

Oroville, CA – July 16, 2014. Butte County is receiving a number of calls regarding household wells in Durham, outskirts of Chico, and in foothill areas that are no longer producing water, or ‘going dry’. This occurs when the groundwater level falls below the level of the pump or the bottom of the well. The Butte County Department of Water and Resource Conservation would like to hear from people who are experiencing problems with their private household or agricultural production wells due to the drought. Although the County cannot solve individual well problems, documenting the problems helps in our drought assessment efforts and understanding groundwater basin conditions. Well problems could include wells that have ‘gone dry’ (are no longer producing water), wells that are producing water sporadically, wells with increased sand or sediment, or reduced water pressure. A voluntary online form is available for reporting problems, http://goo.gl/fTTtHk.

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