Welcome to Butte County

Water years 2012 and 2013 were dry statewide. With 2014 off to a record dry start, Governor Brown took swift action on January 17, 2014 to declare a State of Emergency that will address growing water, agricultural, and economic concerns around the State due to extreme drought conditions. Droughts are a natural disaster and surviving any natural disaster requires planning and preparation. Information contained in this site is designed to help you prepare and respond.

August is Child Support Services Month

This year’s Child Support Awareness Month theme is “On the road of life, their future starts with you”. Click on the links below to view our public service announcements. Our child support professionals can provide you with information to address your specific needs. Contact us today at 866.901.3212 for more information

Sawmill Lookout Information

The Sawmill Peak Lookout has unfortunately sustained several thousand dollars of damage due to vandalism recently and cannot be staffed until repairs are completed. These repairs are scheduled to be completed by the second week of August and all personnel will be available for staffing. View full press release.

One Less Spark = One Less Fire

Drought Information

Drought InformationDroughts are a natural disaster and surviving any natural disaster requires planning and preparation. Visit the drought information page for updates on the drought and water conditions, as well as tips for how you can help conserve water.

Local & Community Resources


Call 911 for Police, Fire or Medical emergencies.

Child Abuse
800.400.0902 or

24 Hour Domestic Violence Help
800.895.8476 or

Rape Crisis
800.656.4673 or

Elder Abuse

Children Mental Health Crisis
800.371.4373 or

Adult Mental Health Crisis
800.334.6622 or

Victim/Witness Program
530.538.7340 or