Welcome to Butte County

Butte County is a place of natural beauty with countless opportunities for recreation in both rural and urban environments. Many Butte County residents live in one of the five incorporated towns or cities: Biggs, Chico, Gridley, Oroville or Paradise. Butte County government provides services to residents through 23 diverse departments. Services include elections, road maintenance, public safety, solid waste disposal, and health and human services to name a few.

Assistance for Residential Well Owners

Water Filling Locations Available for Residential Well Owners

Residential well owners who need water due to drought conditions can access water at several locations throughout Butte County.

North Butte County

South Butte County

In the Oroville area, South Feather Water and Power (SFWP) provides three locations with potable (drinking) water.

  • 2310 Oro-Quincy Highway, Oroville
    • One filling station accommodates containers up to 5 gallons. Public access is unlimited.
    • A second filling station accommodates containers from water bottles to 2,500 gallon tanks. The charge for water is $5 for 2,500 gallon container, which can be paid at the SFWP Office. Filling station is open 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 pm.
  • 234 Kelly Ridge Road, Oroville
    • A filling station at this location accommodates containers up to 5 gallons. Public access is unlimited. 

The locations listed provide water for residents to fill and haul themselves. The County encourages residents to use water from these locations for everyday functions, such as showering, doing laundry, and flushing toilets. Residents should use bottled water for drinking. 

Licensed Water Haulers

Butte County residents who need potable water may also hire a Water Hauler licensed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Five Water Haulers are licensed in Butte County. A full list of Water Haulers licensed by the CDPH is provided online.

Current list of Licensed Water Haulers in Butte County:

  • Ben Porta Showers, Gridley – 530.846.4110
  • Butte Water Truck Service, Oroville – 530.589.0645
  • Craig Dewsnup Trucking, Gridley – 530.846.3116
  • M and C Equipment, Chico – 530.624.4332
  • T & L Drinking Water, Paradise – 530.876.8661 

Report Dry or Low Producing Residential Wells

It is important for residents whose wells are dry or not producing adequate water to contact the Butte County Department of Water and Resource Conservation at 530.538.4343 or complete the well reporting form online. The County needs to know how many residential well owners do not have adequate water due to the drought in order to access necessary emergency resources. 

Local & Community Resources


Call 911 for Police, Fire or Medical emergencies.

Child Abuse
800.400.0902 or

24 Hour Domestic Violence Help
800.895.8476 or

Rape Crisis
800.656.4673 or

Elder Abuse

Children Mental Health Crisis
800.371.4373 or

Adult Mental Health Crisis
800.334.6622 or

Victim/Witness Program
530.538.7340 or